News from 2009

These are the news items from 2009. I have sub-divided the news into each month of the year. This may be a little excessive during the quiet months of the years.


December 2009

Swimming Session at New Mills Pool Tomorrow is On - 12 December 2009

Mat has sent us a reminder saying that the swim session at New Mills is definitely on. The session runs from 19:30 until 20:30. Please join in, if you can.

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November 2009

Swimming Sessions at New Mills Pool Start [15 November 2009] - 13 November 2009

We have been given the 19:30-20:30 slot at New Mills swimming pool. The first session will be on Sunday 15 November 2009. We won't have a coached session because Gary cannot make it to New Mills in time, if I understand the situation correctly. Please come along if you can. Mat has suggested a car share from Buxton. Please contact Mat if you want to car share.

Swimming Sessions at New Mills Pool - The Sequel - 7 November 2009

The last word has not been said in this sorry saga. We are actively seeking a resolution to the problem, but I cannot guarantee a happy ending. I will let you know what is the state of play as soon as I have the details.

Honours for Chrissie Wellington - 7 November 2009

Chrissie Wellington has made the Hawaii Ironman her own race having won the race three times in a row. Chrissie has also been voted Sunday Times Sportswoman of the year 2009, ahead of Victoria Pendelton and whole host of other excellent athletes. A well deserved recognition for an extraordinary athlete.

Swimming Sessions at New Mills Pool [15 November 2009] - 5 November 2009

We anticipate that the first session in the New Mills pool will be on Sunday 15 November. We are asking anyone who is willing to pay £70 upfront for the first three month's worth of sessions to help secure the continuation of the sessions. We have to date seven committed swimmers. If you want to join the group, please forward a cheque to either Bronwen Ley or Mat Ivings as soon as possible. We will trial the New Mills sessions for three months and decide in January 2010 whether to carry on with this arrangement. Also, we are planning to have a car sharing scheme in operation. Please let either Bronwen, Mat or Stefan know if you want to join in.

Fees for Swimming Sessions in 2010 - 5 November 2009

The fee for each swimming session next year will be as follows: £5 for club members and £6.50 for non-members.

Buxton Swimming Pool Closure - 4 November 2009

Alas, tonight's session was the last one for a six months. The pool and the building closes on Saturday and will undergo substantial refurbishment over the winter. We have a session with Gary on Sunday nights between 20:30 and 21:30 at New Mills pool. You might also like to try Gary's sessions at Matlock pool on Wednesdays (17:30-19:00) and Saturdays (10:00-12:00). The cost is £3 for a 30 minute slot. There are four swimmers to a lane at Matlock.

Winter Bike Rides on Sundays [15 November 2009] - 4 November 2009

The winter Sunday bike rides are back by popular demand. The first ride is scheduled for Sunday 15 November. I will bring further details nearer the time. The intention is to organise a ride every other Sunday.

Brief Recap of the Annual General Meeting - 4 November 2009

Mat Ivings is the new Club Chairman, while Angus Higgins remains as Treasurer. Stefan Ledin will also continue as webmaster. The subscription will go up to £20 in 2010.

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October 2009

Annual General Meeting [3 November 2009] - 28 October 2009

The club is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 3 November at 20:15 in the Wye Room at the Buckingham Hotel on Burlington Road, Buxton. The hotel is right next to the swimming pool. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting.

It would be good to get a good turnout for this as there are lots of things to talk about including swim training, the 'winter triathlon series', Sunday training rides, club kit and most importantly the Christmas do!

Nicky and Dave in Sherwood Forest - 12 October 2009

Nicky sends the following report from her last race of the year: "dave risebrow and i had our last race of the season at sherwood forest, offroad duathlon. my body has just held out. cracking weather, blooody bloody hard work. 1st vet and 4th lady, legs shot. this is a training shoe or fell shoe run, mtb 3 lap bike mix of singletrack, fire road, ups and downs then another short run which is deadly after the bike. i seem to have had a good seson and kept thinking it would all go horribly wrong, both dave and i would like to see some good biking over the winter and are hoping others are too, maybe some bike/runs too. knackered nicky."

Race Report from Ashbourne Duathlon - 12 October 2009

Mat has kindly forwarded a report from Ashbourne Duathlon the other week. Mat takes up the story: "It was the Carsington duathlon on Sunday. I've done this three years in a row now, it's a nice local race to finish the season. I was slower on both runs compared to the last couple of years but there wasn't much wind on the bike which helped me to a good bike time and 13th fastest. 22nd overall was a bit further back than last year but from a slighly bigger field. "

Results of A Recent Triathlon - 11 October 2009

Nicky Dick took part in a triahlon last weekend, which included a fell run. Alas, Nicky does not say where the triathlon was held, but it does sound as if it was a Grand Day out. Nicky capped it all by winning her age group. Well done, Nicky!

Nicky reports: "well gary this time i was fastest lady in the swim, or waqs it coz it included a huge transition? brilliant fun on the mountain bike (again stared at coz i have calliper brakes, its retro dont you know), only fell off once, legs totalled for the fell run and fell back to third lady, well thrashed on the run by a couple of fell runners. my tri suit managed to last till this race and now too shredded, filed it in the bin, prize money sadly was less than the cost of a new one, nicky."

Results of Cheshire Masters Swim Gala - 11 October 2009

Bill Oddy took part in the Cheshire Masters Swim Gala.

Billy writes: "Just a quick report... last Saturday evening (3rd October) was the annual Cheshire Masters competition. I did it last year and this year with some of the group I swim with in Stockport. It was a really friendly/social meet and also pretty quick in terms of time (about 3 hours end-to-end).

I swum the 400 free, 50 fly, 50 free and an 8 x 50 free cannon. In short I won my age group in the 400 and 50fly, and second in the free (and comfortably last in the cannon). The 400 came in on 4:55.84 - first time ever under 5 minutes and about 9s inside my PB. Also did a PB in the 50 free (28.21) so all in all a good evening. Just for reference the winner of my 400 heat clocked 4:21.16, so I guess he was pretty cold/bored by the time I finished!"

Results of Carsington Duathlon - 5 October 2009

Mat Ivings was our sole representative in the Carsington Duathlon on Sunday 4 October. The duathlon is made up of 5 km run, then 30 km bike leg and a 5 km run to finish of the race. Mat finished a fine 22nd: 19:00 (52nd), 48:24 (13th) and 20:57 (46th), total time: 1:28:21. There were 207 finishers. I hope Mat will be able to supply with his thoughts on the races.

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September 2009

Race Report from Bala Triathlon - 22 September 2009

Mat Ivings and Chris Mellor took part in the Bala Triathlon the other weekend. Mat writes:

"It's a bit late but here's my Bala race report: We were all treated to fabulous race conditions in Bala. Although it was very cold first thing (5 C !), the mist on the lake lifted at about 9.30am which allowed us to get underway with just a short delay. I was in the first wave and Chris M was in the third. The water was pretty 'fresh' but at least I only had to swim 1500m not 3800m. The swim felt like it went really well and I pushed quite hard early on. However, I was very disappointed with my time 26:40. I still don't know what I did wrong. I was keen to put in a half decent T1 after the 13mins shocker in Bolton. I got through pretty quick and had my shoes clipped into the pedals which I hadn't done before. However, getting a warm, socked foot into a shoe (in practice) is a lot easier than getting a cold, numb foot into a shoe in a race.

The bike course was a really good fast (slightly short) course on a closed road with a nice smooth road surface. Perfect for time triallists. Spinning in 53x12 on a number of occasions. Pleased with 1:01.22.

My feet took a bit of a bashing on the run, once they had thawed out. Happy to finish with a 41:53, giving me 2:12.19 and 122nd overall (23rd in AG). Chris demonstrated that he's still king of the park by pulling back a 2 min deficit off the bike, with a 38min run, to finish nearly a minute up on me. Chris was 108th overall and 5th in his AG.

Next stop Carsington duathlon, 4th October - any takers ?"

Winter Triathlons - 22 September 2009

We have staged a series of winter triathlons in previous years. These have take the form of a timed 400 m swim on the Wednesday, followed by a 10-mile cycle ride and a 5.5 km run (after a short rest) from Litton on the following Sunday. The winner is then person with the lowest cumulative time. Note that there is no pesky T1 or T2 to contend with. The turn-out has been low at times. Angus has booked Litton Village Hall for our race HQ on the Sundays and has expressed a willingness to do so again this year if there is sufficient interest. Please can you let either Mat and/or Angus know if you are interested in taking part.

Website Update - 16 September 2009

We are in the process of designing a new layout for website, which I, Stefan, hope will be up and running by next week. I will update the information on the website at the same time. Please keep sending in race reports to me.

Outcome of the Swim Session Meeting - 16 September 2009

Ten club members and Gary and Diane,our coaches met up in Ramsay's Bar to discuss the alternatives. Our preferred option is to use the New Mills pool and the sessions will be held on Sunday nights between 20:30 and 21:30. A few details still need to ironed out. Gary and Diane are making their way up from Matlock so may arrive just after 20:30. We will start with a warmup and be ready for the session when our coaches arrive. Please check back on the website for further updates. The email list will also be updated as not everybody currently receive the emails.

Update on the Closure of Buxton Swimming Pool - 15 September 2009

Buxton Swimming Pool is scheduled to close for six months during which extensive repairs will be undertaken. Angus informs me that the pool will shut on 7 November 2009. The club will continue to use the pool up until that date. Alternative venues are being discussed. We have offer of a couple times in New Mills pool. I will bring you the details when I have them. We are holding a meeting in Ramsay's Bar, the Buckingham Hotel, near the swimming pool tomorrow evening, Wednesday 16 September at 20:00 to discuss the various options. All members are welcome to attend.

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August 2009

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July 2009

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June 2009

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May 2009

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April 2009

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March 2009

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January 2009

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Buxton Swimming Sessions are on again! Gary and Diane are running the sessions on Wednesdays 9-10pm at Buxton swimming pool.

We are also running a session (two lanes) on Tuesdays 6-8am at Buxton swimming pool. Steve Greene is coaching between 6-7am. The session is free for club members


HPTC members can join up with Buxton CC for their Sunday rides–09:00 start from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Shop in Buxton.


HPTC/Buxton AC are running a joint coached speed session on Monday nights in Buxton. Meet at 18:30 at Buxton Community School.

HPTC members are also welcome to join Buxton AC on the Wednesday night session. Meet at 19:00 at Buxton Swimming Pool.