News from 2010

These are the news items from 2010. I have sub-divided the news into each month of the year. This may be a little excessive during the quiet months of the years.


September 2010

Annual General Meeting [13 October 2010] - 27 September 2010

The High Peak Tri Club AGM will be held at 8:15pm on Wednesday 13th October in the Buckingham Hotel, Buxton (opposite the swimming pool. We'll be in the 'Cavendish room'. Feel free to get yourself a beer from Ramsey's bar first.

It would be good to get a good turnout for this as there are lots of things to talk about, in addition to moaning about the Buxton pool there's club training sessions, the 'winter triathlon series', Sunday training rides, Try-a-tri, club kit and most importantly the Christmas do!

Wrap Up of 2010 Season - 20 September 2010

I am very pleased to say that we received a wrap up of the season from Claire Stapleton. Please find below, Claire's report:

"My 'A' race for season was Ironman Switzerland. I was training to get under 13 hours and had a great winter of training and all my earlier season racing at Horwich, Duston, Big Belvoir, Dambuster were all producing PB's and I felt the fittest I've ever felt when I stood on start line in Switzerland - so very excited!! Had standard swim for me - 1.22 - pleased seen as this is definitely what suffers in my training. Had great ride - 6.38 so was running by 8.10hours. Well on track and felt great for 1st half marathon - doing 10 minute miling which was my aim. 10 hours 25 on clock and only 13 miles to go and then it all went wrong!! It was a very hot day and I basically started throwing up - visiting portaloos and staggering around for next 5-6 mile before I ended up collapsing with heat stroke and being taken to the finish via an ambulance to the medical tent - GUTTED!!!!!!!!!

So after two weeks of stropping round and a very, very lovely husband and a belated honeymoon in Canada. I ended up going to Cologne 2 weeks ago and completing the 226 event - Ironman distance. Hot weather again! (which I've discovered I'm useless in) but considering I hadn't touched my bike for 6 weeks - it was still packed from Switzerland! and hadn't swum since then either I managed to start running in 8.05 hours. Things were very dicey again from 3-9 miles on run - where I basically had to walk to stop myself throwing up but.........I started feeling better with 15 miles to go as it got cooler and I finished strongly and got same time's from previous years 13.31 - but was so pleased as I pulled it back completely from the brink!!"

Brief Report from the High Peak '40' - 19 September 2010

Krissie Ivings took part in the High Peak '40'. Krissie completed the 40 miles in a fine 9:56. Krissie has raised over £500 in sponsorship. Krissie is happy to receive further contributions. Krissie's full report can be found on the tritalk forum. Please follow the link by clicking on Krissie's report High Peak 40.

Report from the Triathlon World Championships - 19 September 2010

We have secured two reports from our intrepid representatives in the Triathlon World Championships held in Budapest last weekend. First out is Nicky who sends the following report: "Dave, Chris and I have come back from the worlds in Budapest. A city characterised by bridges, building sites, beautiful buildings next to concrete things, a totally impossible language, grumpy people with appalling fashion sense (I might be a scruff bag but at least don't look like the lead character from ugly Betty, do I?), and still eastern bloc mentality. Anyway we all had a great time. I raced on Saturday in grotty, cold and rainy weather, what a ruddy change. My swim was too slow, due to swimming fast bit going via Prague and Vienna to go round the course. I was a bit peeved off. The bike leg was good fun, out and backs, but lethal dead stop turns on the wet roads. I managed to stay on and caught back places on the fast 5.5 k run to the other end of town, finishing across a bridge past the grandstands in front of parliament buildings. I came 16th. Antonia came with me and a crowd of us retired to a thermal spa for the afternoon. Dave and Chris raced in warm and sunshine next day, they had similar swim times then Chris had a disastrous puncture and though changed his tube as fast as possible lost a lot of time, Mr Angry put in a really really fast run but he didn't finish where he had trained really hard for. Dave had his fastest ever race, and came 23rd."

Our seconds report comes from David: "Met up with Chris Mellor at Manchester airport as we were both entered in Olympic distance albeit in different age groups. Also met with Nicky Dick who was in Sprint and who may well also file a separate report. She performed really well in atrocious conditions- water logged bike and run track made for difficult, even dangerous surface given the pace of the race. Chris and I enjoyed much better weather on the Sunday even being blessed with some warm sunshine. Following a speedy swim, a very flat bike leg - unfortunately flat is also how Chris found his rear tyre early into bike leg necessitating a frustrating mechanical repair. The run culminated in a "hero-like" welcome across one of the famous Danube bridges and over the finishing line flanked by huge cheering crowds. Awesome atmosphere along the length of the run course (thanks again, Nicky and daughter for all your vocal encouragement; it was much appreciated) guaranteed to raise one's performance. Given that the bike leg was slightly foreshortened I was still delighted to record a time of 2.20 while Chris finished his race with a blistering 10K in under 38 minutes fuelled, no doubt, by his frustration with the mechanical penalty. Certainly enjoyed the opportunity to compete at this level and will approach winter training focused on repeating the experience in 2011. I have attached a picture of a well known fellow competitor who unfortunately fell from his bike whilst in contention during the elite race, but who sends his best wishes to all at High Peak Tri club!"

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nicky, Dave and Chris on their performances. I also commiserate with Chris over his misfortune on the bike leg. I wonder how many clubs our size can muster three world championship performers. Well done to everyone who has raced this year. We who haven't dared (that's me) or managed to fit in a race this year, there is always next year!

Website Update - 19 September 2010

I have moved the news from August 2010 to the News from 2010 page.

Report from Vitruvian Half Ironman Triathlon - 5 September 2010

Mat Ivings has been testing himself over the longer distances. This is Mat's report from the Vitruvian Half Ironman Triathlon: "I did the Vitruvian half ironman yesterday. The race lived up to the good feedback that I had heard from others. It's a great race.

The morning got off to a very foggy start. You couldn't see any of the buoys from the start line but they started everyone off anyway. Sighting was almost impossible. It was a case of following the swimmers in front of you which seemed to work surprisingly well and it was always a pleasant surprise when the buoys appeared in front of you. The swim involves getting out halfway round which I didn't enjoy. I've got delicate little size 12 feet they don't like the sharp stones. I also dived in too early on re-entry and grazed my hands on the bottom (my own stupid fault). Despite the unpleasantness I was happy with my swim time of 32:52.

The bike was great though. Having quickly realised that you could see a lot better without sunglasses in the fog (!) I set off at a steady pace and found the conditions and course faster than expected. I got round in 2hrs 22min, which by my reckoning was 21.3 mph. The run appeared to be a true half marathon and I managed to hold on to the end to record 1hr38min. Overall well chuffed with 4:37 and 97th from 970 (The winner, Joel Jameson, set a new course record running just inside 1:13 for the half marathon!)

Now into recovery mode for a fast 50TT on Saturday (although currently my legs still feel completely knackered)"

Report from Matlock Triathlon - 5 September 2010

David took part in the Matlock Triathlon on the Bank Holiday weekend just gone and sends the following report: "just a few words following Matlock sprint tri which was help on its customary Bank Holiday Monday morning and which was again a lovely morning to race if a tad chilly in the cool breeze! Great organisation as per usual by Karl Webster and his team and although it must still be the best value in terms of low entry price it still manages to raise substantial sums for MARS which helps support and deliver recreational facility in and around Matlock. Next year the new pool complex should be open but hopefully the same format for the race will prevail. Gary and Di were heavily involved in managing the swim components and must have been sorely tempted to offer swim stroke advice throughout the swim session such was the variety of strokes on show. Hilly bike ride in the lea of the hills around Matlock made it very pleasant for the downward swoop in warm sunshine through Tansley finishing with the customary "nip" up the hill behind the town to admire the stone quarries from above. Lots of local and vocal support with plenty of good prizes especially for the encouraging number of novice racers. Good way to start the Bank Holiday and one well worth putting in the diary again for 2011. Chris Mellor, Nicky Dick and I will meet in Budapest later next week.

Latest News on Buxton Swimming Pool - 5 September 2010

The swimming pool was due to open in September 2010. However, as most of you are probably aware, the refurbishment turned out to be a lot more extensive than was first planned. The latest news is that it will be awhile yet before the pool reopens. No new date for the reopening has been given.

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August 2010

Report from Macclesfield Triathlon - 26 August 2010

Nicky Dick competed in the Macclesfield Triathlon and writes: "A late report from Macclefield pool sprint tri a couple of Sundays ago. This is a friendly local race, had an early start to encourage first timer Theresa and had picked Sara up in Buxton on the way. Theresa enjoyed herself and has entered the next one at New Mills. Sara swam well, biked a bit slower and got round the long, hot and hilly run unenjoyably. Me, I had a rubbishy boxed-in swim, a good bike (hurrah) and ran hard to finish first vet and 10th lady. There was a certain Alistair Jordan that had crept out of the woodwork, having secretly toned his body and beat me. We have just come back early from rainy camping trip to Devon, swam round Burgh Island for fun about a mile with seals and stunning chasms to swim through. I had missed the entry for the evening race which a friend was doing, but a friendly canoeist took myself and a couple of others round in the afternoon. Steve and I have now entered for next year. Swim training in the sea was an exhausting fight in the surf, with occasional swims, nicky."

Report from Nottingham Triathlon - 23 August 2010

David has been racing around Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham and sent the following report. David writes: "I kept the legs turning at Nottingham yesterday in sprint race in super weather, the 750 m swim was reminiscent of Bedford in that lake weed was again very much in evidence. Having announced that there were to be two turn buoys only on the course both to be kept on our right hand side I was a bit miffed to be pulled back up the course, within sight of the swim exit, by a friendly kayaker who insisted I had to pass an additional buoy this time with it on my left.........the resultant extra swim time was a bit of a frustrating handicap. Almost wind-free (comparative rarity at Nottingham) bike and run legs meant quick-ish times all round. I was pipped into second place in age group probably a fair reflection on effort although I left Holme Pierrepont reflecting on what might have been without the additional swim correction. The Club Relays on the previous day are always very popular with nearly 2000 participants this year so much so that the limited team entries get booked early ..... let us hope that next year we can put High Peak Tri Club back on the map and enjoy some inter club racing. Next up is another local sprint this time at Matlock on Bank Holiday Monday, I look forward to meeting with a few more from our club next week."

Website Update - 23 August 2010

I have moved the news from July 2010 to the News from 2010 page.

Report from the British Triathlon Championships - 21 August 2010

Dave sends the following report from the British Triathlon Championships: "having had a few weeks away from front line competition got back into race mode with trip down the M1 to BTA age group competition this year held at Bedford. Location close to city centre good so access so all facilities excellent. Met with Chris Mellor who was testing out conditions at the nearby camping ground. Despite earlier torrential rain on the morning the river job was flat calm with little or no current, not surprising then to find we were competing in a thickly weeded river which certainly did nothing to enhance the swim stroke...... good job Gary was not there to witness our swim style. Emerging from the river with army style camouflage was a first time experience for me but did little to distract Chris who was soon all but a speck on the horizon. Fast flat-ish bike section had been extended almost 10% due to local road works so was really glad when T2 eventually appeared. Really pleasant riverside run completed the day, Chris had a blistering sub-2.20 which given the extended bike leg was a superb effort while I slunk into 4th spot in limited age group attendance in 2.37. Really friendly but very competitive field as would be expected for the British Championships event and well worth the drive down the M1. Have attached a picture taken as marshals appear to be contemplating what could be start or finish!"

Report from the Outlaw Triathlon - 9 August 2010

Krissie Ivings sends the following report from the Outlaw Triathlon, which was held yesterday. Excellent performances from Mat and Krissie!

Krissie writes: "Mat & I did this as a relay: Mat swimming and biking and me running. Superb event: brilliant organisation, great for spectators, loads of support and nice course. Mat had a storming swim: 1.01. Thanks Gary!!

And a great bike (5:19) to hand over to me after 6.25ish. I felt a bit of a fraud getting massive cheers on the marathon course when I'd only just started! People shouting 'wow you're looking great!' Yes - I hadn't done anything yet! But I had bad stomach problems throughout whole run and had a bit of a nightmare. Worth it in the end. Kids sprinted over the line with us and loved it. Huge cheers down the finishing chute. I crossed the line under a clock that read 11.38!!! That will never happen again.

Great race - highly recommended. I'm going solo next year. Anyone else up for it? Maybe a HPTC team could enter too?"

Report from Blithfield Triathlon - 2 August 2010

Nicky competed in the Blithfield Triathlon and sends the following report.

Nicky writes: "I took my friend Fiona, who has done a couple of sprints to her first open water race on Sunday. She's a good swimmer so the actual swimming was okay, but the race thing is very different. I was really chuffed for her as she had that awful panic moment we all do the first time and was ready to stop, then was swum over but stuck it out, and had a brilliant bike and a steady run to finish 29th lady, a brilliant achievement! I came out the water 7th, yipeeee! It was rough with people all the way and I was fighting for space quite often, but found myself up at the front. I then had an abysmal bike, my bike leg is getting me angry now, and I had to make up places on the run. On said run I went mad and caught and passed a few, then a big battle in the last mile, which was really good racing; three of us fighting all the way to the line. I had nothing left at the end and finished 10th lady. This is a good local open water race mid-season, the bike route is rolling back roads and the run by the side of the water, Nicky."

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July 2010

Report from The National Aquathon Championships - 23 July 2010

Nicky competed in the National Aquathon Championships and sends the following report.

Nicky reports: "Kirsten and I went to murky waters of Salford Quays on Saturday evening. There were hail and thunder on the way in the morning, Kirsten and I spent a couple of thought provoking hours at the Imperial war museum. There was beautiful sunshine for the race. It felt very odd not taking a bike, and am never sure if I actually got everything just to swim and run. The National Championships did not have not too many competitors, but all of them were fast. The race consisted of a 2-lap swim straight into sun on one leg, with a very congested start. The out of the water into a 4-lap run. I was happy with silver medal for second vet! Next races up are Blithfield and Macclesfield, to both of which I'm taking some first timers, Fiona for her first open water, while Sarah is starting to become an old hand now."

Report from European Triathlon Championships - 14 July 2010

I am pleased to bring you two reports from the European Triathlon Championships in Athlone, Ireland. There were very impressive performances from all three HPTC members. Well done to Nicky, Chris and David.

Nicky Dick writes: "David Davidson, Chris and I went to the European Championships in Athlone at the weekend. The sea crossing was ghastly and the weekend the wind blew all the time, for the standard on the Sunday, Chris and Dave's race disk wheels were banned at the last minute, glad our two men aren't over into fancy kit!!. Roads were closed for the racing, swim in the Shannon, bike out and back, run laps round the town with masses of people screaming for you, just great and very very noisy. I had a good swim on the front of the main pack, a lot of leg pulling. Apparently I was barging the enemy through the run up the pontoon into T1, I was on a mission! Rubbish bike leg, out up hill into the wind and couldn't get into it. Whizzed round the run course, pooped at the finish, 8th old codger. Though there weren't many other nationalities in my wave, you ended up with all the good people from all the selection races previously. Chris came in 11th and had a good tussle with some of his regular contempories, he posted the fastest run too, typical. Dave had a good spread of splits, consistent all the way to finish 7th. We all had just a great weekend, and the sea was flat coming home.

David's report: "The European Champs were held last weekend (3/4 July) in mid-Ireland at Athlone, a pretty garrison town, which sits astride the majestic river Shannon. As could be expected the organisation was excellent and with typical Irish hospitality a memorable weekend was guaranteed. Met with Nicky Dick and Chris Mellor both of whom performed brilliantly in their age group competitions. Think Nicky must have benefited from the previous "Madness" weekend as she put in a great bike section finishing well up in her age category. Chris and David encountered strong headwinds on the Sunday Olympic distance course, which meant a long grind uphill to the half way point, but a rapid return prior to the hilly run section around the town. Chris covered himself with glory finishing strongly (11th in a very competitive group) in 2.15 and which entitled him to several glasses of the black stuff as his just reward! David felt that he had left his legs still attached to the bike but still managed to finish mid group. He declined the option of a rewarding taste of the black stuff as plenty of the Shannons best was already inside! Great opportunity to watch the male and female elites of Europe perform in their respective races and afterwards to mix and chat freely with all the athletes, coaches, management from as far afield as Russia, Bulgaria, Italy Scandinavia, etc. Wonderful weekend and certainly whets the appetite for further pleasures ahead in Budapest in September.

Nicky and David has sent me photos, which you can view on our Gallery page.

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June 2010

Report from Shropshire Triathlon - 29 June 2010

David Davidson definitely made the right choice when he took part in the Shropshire Triathlon on Sunday while the England football team was doing their thing in South Africa. David sends the following report: "Shropshire Tri coincided with England debacle in South Africa and think there was more action and spirit in Shropshire!! Weather was fabulous if a tad warm but brilliant conditions on very scenic lake swim followed by hilly and quite technical bike but fast bike leg which wandered across the border into Wales. Run was testing too as also followed a hilly profile ......a course to sort the men from the boys!! Met with Steve Greenes who is making great recovery from his fractured collarbone - a result of tumble off bike whilst training in Majorca and who will very soon be back to his usual competitive best. The post race tea provided was magnificent and deserved the entry fee alone........ wish all events were so well catered for. Managed to dig deep enough this time to bag another podium finish so need to look out the suntan lotion with Hungary now on the horizon at the end of the season. Have attached picture of the picturesque lake at Ellesmere which was as inviting as it looked from the shoreline. Big congratulations to the 24 hour madness team on massive efforts all round, I will meet with Nicky and Chris this weekend in Athlone and hope to report all news upon return. Please visit our Gallery to view the photograph.

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Report from Mountain Mayhem - 27 June 2010

Nicky Dick sends a report from the Mountain Mayhem. Nicky writes: "A crowd of us went to do Mountain Mayhem MTB event last weekend, Ledbury Castle in Herefordshire. Bruce and Chris Thompson were riding with Original Source as the main sponsor in a four-man team, Dave Risebrow and my Steve were in another four-man team with Tim O`Neil, who always comes along. I had madly, very madly, decided to go solo having team ridden previous years. There were 2660 racing and over 10,0000 others there, field and fields of tents and stands all in a main arena. At 2pm on Sunday the race starts and you do as many laps as possible till 2pm on Sunday, each lap was about nine miles, a mix of single track, sandy hills, tough twisty ups, long straight ups, open land, long twisty downs, and hair raising downs. The boys in teams did their laps flat out to then tag the next rider, knowing when a rider is due in to the pit is vital, especially at 3am. Bruce and his lot did 22 laps, Dave, Steve, Tim and Paul did 19 laps, which was really pretty darn good. I obviously did not go flat out, did two laps (second one with a saddle not fixed into the post!), food, another two laps, food then a further lap and hit my sleeping bag from midnight till 3am,.having gone over the bars twice and starting to lose it. On Monday I had a sore neck and realised it was going head into a tree that had caused it, not to mention the bruises. After my rest, I did four more laps and I knew I did not have another two more laps left in me. I cannot imagine how many gallons of sport drink I went through, cold ravioli from the tin is wonderful at 7am. Anyway I managed 10 laps and finished 8th lady, with a grin from ear to ear and could not stop laughing. What a great weekend..was that the best prep for next weekend euros in Ireland?". Nicky also thank Ieuan and Karen for feeding and watering her during the event.

Report from Windsor Triathlon - 27 June 2010

David Davidson sends the following report from the Windsor Triathlon: "Returned to this spectacular riverside location where the weather was overcast and with only a gentle breeze......perfect conditions for a quick race! Huge turn out at this very popular event meant an early morning dive into the Thames - quite different to how I usually start a Sunday. Kept close to the bank on the upstream leg returning downstream mid current to enter T1 in approx 27 minutes. Bike location aided by being adjacent to unmissable tree. Had already decided to increase my nutrition on the bike leg so chucked plenty of High 5 drink and gels into the system arriving back in 75 minutes later T2 feeling good. Had good run round the predominately flat circuit to finish the race in a shade under 2.30 -sufficient as it turned out to grab an appearance on the age group podium. Fabulous atmosphere with plenty of vocal support and great opportunity to watch the elites go through the same routine but at a staggeringly quick pace. Can thoroughly recommend Windsor as it is brilliantly well organized and full of excitement also offering a half tri option for those new to the sport." David has also send a couple of photographs, please visit our gallery.

Correction of Cost of Gary's Session - 14 June 2010

The cost of Gary's sessions at Matlock swimming pool is £ 4.00 for 60 minutes and not as quoted here previously. My apologies to Gary and to the athletes for any confusion caused

Report from the Little Beaver Triathlon - 14 June 2010

David sends this report from the Little Beaver Triathlon: "Last weekend (Sat 30th May) Mat Ivings, Chris Mellor, David Davidson and possibly others from High Peak Tri Club braved the dismally wet weather to compete in Little Beaver Olympic distance race. This was the first opportunity to gain qualification for this years Worlds and next years European competitions with automatic team places for first four in each age category. Naturally competition standard was to be high and the chosen course was pretty tough with plenty of hill work involved around the Vale of Belvoir. The lake swim was shallow in parts such that hands sometimes touched bottom on pull stroke which was a bit unerving. Uphill run of 400 metres across a field to T1, challenging cycle route but through pretty countryside, finished with a 3 circuit climb around the hill top castle. Buoyed by the prospect of an imminent family holiday in Dorset Mat sneaked round in approx 2.28 just beating Chris by a minute or so while David brought up the rear over 20 minutes later! Chris and David will need to focus on next race of the series to keep alive hopes of automatic qualification as they both finished a tantalising 5th in their respective age groups." Mat added: "This is possibly the best organised triathlon I have taken part in.

Report from the National Sprint Championships - 14 June 2010

Nicki sends the following report from the National Sprint Championships: "Chris Mellor and I went down sat night for an early start to the British Sprint Champs at Milton Keynes, last weekend. Last year the weather was more than appalling; this year, warm dry and no wind. The men went off first waves, water clear and not cold, Chris says he went a bit wonky at the start, he had a great bike and as ever a really fast run to finish 5th in his age, just brilliant. I had a good swim, lots of fighting but fought back. my bike was as always my slowest bit, got to get it faster, great run, and great change-overs. I finished 8th in my age group. Chris, I and Dave Davidson are all going to the European Championships in Athlone in July. Chris and I will also go to the World Champsionships in Budapest in September. I have a place in the European Championships next year in Spain. It is the Mountain Mayhem 24 hr next weekend, madness all round, nicky."

Latest Update on Buxton Swimming Pool - 2 June 2010

Some of you may have seen the latest news on the swimming pool in last week's 'tiser. Sadly, the pool is now not due to be reopened until September 2010(?) as it was discovered that the concrete floor somewhere in the building was poor state.

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May 2010

Tri-A-Try Challenge - 24 May 2010

Krissie Ivings is starting up a Tri-A-Try group, which will hopefully culminate in the participation in a Triathlon in September.

Krissie writes: "I'm setting up a new session aimed mainly at newcomers to the sport. See attached poster. If anyone wants to come along (or better still help me run it!) then drop me a line. I plan to start after half-term and there are a couple of people already interested in taking on a new challenge. If you know anyone who might be interested please forward this e-mail (Webmaster's comment: most if not all members should have received the email)". Please click the link to download or view the Try-A-Tri poster.

Website Update - 19 May 2010

I have moved the news from April 2010 to the News from 2010 page.

Eton Super Sprint Report - 19 May 2010

David Davidson took part in the Eton Super Sprint Triathlon and has kindly provided us with a report. David takes up the story: "I usually try to enter this early season event at the Eton rowing lake near Windsor as find it useful to iron out t1 and t2 technique. This is the venue for 2012 Olympic Tri event and facilities certainly world class - plenty of warm showers ! Water was a chilly 11.8 deg C so glad the swim was only a brisk 400 but still found early strokes breath catching. Emerged from my wave (50+) 3rd but was then overtaken on pretty flat bike and run course but still managed pb at this event so reasonably happy with finish time of 1.11. Great place for inexperienced athletes as they have a non-competitive wave for buddies to allow those not overconfident to compete with their friends. A total of 2000 competed over 2 days so really popular and can be recommended if anyone fancies a weekend in the attractive Windsor area with Legoland adjacent suitable for family visits. Plenty camping and self catering available in the region so apart from the driving distance otherwise very user friendly. Next up on my race calendar is Little Beaver which I understand will feature more of our High Peak members so a further report in due course."

David has also provided a picture with his report. Please visit our gallery page to view the photo. Please keep the reports coming.

Fantastic Performance by Tim Don in Manchester 10 km - 16 May 2010

Tim Don put in a fantastic performance in the Manchester 10 km this morning. Haile Gebreselassie proved that he is still the main man, winning the race quite comfortably. However, Tim Don finished 7th, I think. I got so excited at the end of the race I forgot to keep track of the finishers. Anyway, Tim's time was around 28:58 (corrected down to 28:56!). An excellent time and a new PB. This bodes well for Tim's triathlon season.

Report from the Grendon Sprint Triathlon - 11 May 2010

Nicky Dick sends a report from Grendon Sprint Triathlon. Nicky writes: "The first open water sprint of the year, 12 degrees C water temp, too cold for full distance if it had been held under BTA rules. This was blinking cold for sprint, but clean water. I had two secret weapons, first was gaffer tape on my helmet vents and all the ventilation holes on my bike shoes. It was still not more than cold on the bike, but at least I didn't duff up shoe changes as much as some folk. One of my mates has swopped her bike insoles for sheepskin ones with the warm when wet theory. My second secret weapon also began with g but I was slightly taken aback with its effect. Swim start, with 120 competitors per wave, and over 700 in total taking part in the race. Oh dear, I'm near the front at the first buoy, utter madness at the turn, sharks and barracudas getting away by now, but somehow I'm in the front of the pack and swimming over or pulling others out of the way. Second buoy, turn for the bank and thinking I'd blown it by getting water not air. Then followed a sprint to the bank, not feeling dizzy. I sprinted the long run to t1, there were masses of bikes still there; I was happy. It turned out the water was very choppy on the last leg, but not for me. I thought my bike leg was rubbish, had some vague moments in it, but I was a minute up on last time. I followed up with a good run, recording the same time as last time. I still need a a faster bike leg compared to my enemies. Most had entered this race for places at this year's and next year's Europeans and this year's World Championships. This was the last race for Athlone and the first for Budapest and Spain. places not have been allocated yet for Athlone, but I will need to race again for Budapest and Spain. Answers on an email please to the second secret weapon. Nicky."

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April 2010

Website Update - 25 April 2010

I have moved the news from March 2010 to the News from 2010 page.

Ashbourne Duathlon Report - 25 April 2010

Mat Ivings took his P2C out for a ride when he competed in Ashbourne Duathlon Report. Mat writes: "Yesterday was the Ashbourne duathlon (12k,40k,4k). A very well organised race on our doorstep and really one to sort out the men from the boys. There's no where to hide on this course! I started off with a first run of 54.50 which was almost identical to the time I did 2 years ago. Onto the bike and the weather was really in our favour with dry roads and only a gentle breeze. Some of the road surfaces were pretty shocking though and the climb over Middleton top is a killer. I suffered from cramp on the bike 2 years ago, but felt better this year and was about 1.5mins quicker than 2 years ago. The final 4k is flat but by them most people are pretty wrecked. I was pleased that I felt that I could run it properly this time and managed to improve by about 45sec on this to finish up with 2:26:23 and 30th overall." Well done, Mat. That's a sterling effort.

Report from Frenchay 10 km - 25 April 2010

Mat Ivings competed in the Frenchay 10 km race last weekend and sends the following report: "Last weekend I did the Frenchay 10k, in Bristol. I was aiming to break 40mins on the hilly course and ended up with 40.04 on my watch! My position overall was a flattering 19th out of 625."

Duston Triathlon Report - 25 April 2010

Nicky Dick has been in competition mode again, It was Duston Triathlon and Nicky sends the following report. "Duston sprint tri was held last Sunday, oh sunny day! Claire and Chris also did this race. I shall leave them to comment on their bit. The swim started off well until I lost my chip, managed to rescue it, dumped it on the end and put it back on in t1. My bike was at the very far end of the racking by the bike exit, oh joy. I ran down the racking, high speed turn at the end of a row, where I caught my hand on the metalwork and sent the racking to the floor! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! Sorry marshals, I'm sure you will cope, I'm not stopping and at least there was only one Cervelo (they're cheap anyway - Ed's comment) to go to the ground. The bike course was potholy and it was hard to get into a rythm, but the conditions were the same for everybody. On the way to the race, I saw early racers walking up one of the hills, but they were on big heavy "bicycles" with racks, mudguards and lights. I imagined they were having their first determined go - credit to them! The run seemed to always be about to finish round the next corner, but was fine." Well done to Nicky, Claire and Chris.

Correction Wrong Surname - 15 April 2010

I apologise to David Davidson, who I had given a new surname.

Update on the Buxton Swimming Pool - 15 April 2010

Most of you should have received an email from Angus re. the status of the repair work to Buxton Swimming Pool. You will be aware that they uncovered a significant number of issues that will have to be addressed. The current prediction is that the pool will reopen again in June 2010. Not a day to soon if you ask me. I will keep you posted of any developments.

Website Update - 09 April 2010

I have checked the html and css coding and these validate, i.e. they are compliant with current W3C standards. However, further modifications to the website are in the pipeline.

Website Update - 06 April 2010

We now have a gallery where we can exhibit our photographs. You can find a link to the gallery from the navigation on the left hand side of the pages. The first photographs were sent by David Rohde from his recent trip to New Zealand. I apologise to David for the long delay in posting the photographs. Life got in the way. Anyway, keep the photos rolling in.

Website Update - 05 April 2010

Please find the updated version of the High Peak Triathlon Club's website. It is a few months late in the coming, for which I apologise. You will find that the site has changed format considerably. It is my vain hope that it will feel a bit fresher. It is certainly going to be much easier to maintain, update and extend the site as we go along. I have purposefully stayed away from some of the tricker bits of website design, e.g. flash and javascript. I hope to add these functionalities in the future. However, the aim has been to provide a light, yet comprehensive, website that should load quickly. It has not been modified for mobile internet access yet. I do not have a device to play with, but it is in the plans for future development. Colours, fonts and other details are not set in stone. I welcome all comments, good and bad.

Race Report from East Leake Triathlon - 02 April 2010

The club's most prolific racer, Nicki Dick was in action last weekend. Nicki sends this report from the East Leake Sprint Triathlon: "Here we go - first [triathlon] race report of the year - East Leake pool sprint, held last Sunday. It was not icy like last year; run route has been changed and is now longer. I monopolised my swim lane, stuff you big blokes! The bike leg was windy but I went faster than last time. On the run I nipped along. I was quite pleased, but still need more speed on the bike legs. Most people went 2 mins slower than last year and I did exactly same overall time. It was a reasonable stepping stone to the start of the season, but plenty to work on. Next race is Duston on 18th April".

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March 2010

Race Report from Clumber Park - 19 March 2010

Nicki Dick sends this report from the Clumber Classic Duathlon. Nicki writes: "First race of the year, Clumber Classic duathlon. I didn't quite realise when I entered that it was the British Champs and, not my ideal distance either. What the hell, always up for a laugh. It was raining, chilly, but no wind. I went too slow on first run, picked it up on the bike, second run started hooribly but no more horribly than expected, but after couple of hundred yards started overtaking runners. My position, oh, er um, 80 of 101. It was not as bad as it could have been; there were no also rans and first timers ( except me?). The legs hurt so much that I had to get out of the car on the way home and walk round. Back home Kirsten asked if i'd take her on a bike ride. WOT? It was actually a good thing to do. This season, I have so far entered East Leake sprint, Leicestershire, on 28 March, then the Grendon sprint open water race on 9 May and, somewhat madly, the Mountain Mayhem on the weekend of 19-20 June as a solo competitor. Steve, Dave and 2 others are entered as a men's team. Bruce is also racing in a four man team. Ieuan has been roped in as a gopher. One dodgy fall and he'd be back to square one with his foot, but he'll be a blue arsed fly by the end of the w/e I think.

Welcome to 2010 - 19 March 2010

The website has been a bit static for a while. I hope that things will improve markedly with the arrival of Spring. The bad news is that the swimming pool in Buxton may not open again until the summer as the survey of the building has uncovered a lot of structural issues. We kick off the new year with a report from Nicki. I encourage all members to send me stories and/photographs of your (sporting) exploits.

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February 2010

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January 2010

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Buxton Swimming Sessions are on again! Gary and Diane are running the sessions on Wednesdays 9-10pm at Buxton swimming pool.

We are also running a session (two lanes) on Tuesdays 6-8am at Buxton swimming pool. Steve Greene is coaching between 6-7am. The session is free for club members


HPTC members can join up with Buxton CC for their Sunday rides–09:00 start from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Shop in Buxton.


HPTC/Buxton AC are running a joint coached speed session on Monday nights in Buxton. Meet at 18:30 at Buxton Community School.

HPTC members are also welcome to join Buxton AC on the Wednesday night session. Meet at 19:00 at Buxton Swimming Pool.