News from 2011

These are the news items from 2011. I have sub-divided the news into each month of the year. This may be a little excessive during the quiet months of the years.


December 2011

Christmas Do [28 Jan 2012]—13 December 2011

Nicky has just confirmed the details for the Christmas Do. The date is Saturday 28 January and the venue is the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant on High Street, Buxton. The dinner is booked for 7.30 pm, but Nicky suggests to meet at the Cheese, the pub next door, for an aperitif from 7 pm onwards.

Swimming Workshop—10 December 2011

Gary McCaffery ran a swimming workshop last winter. The turn out was quite low, but the general consensus of those who attended the workshop was that it had been a fantastic experience. Mat will enquire with Gary to see if he and Diane would be able to run another workshop in the new year. More details to follow.

Website Update—10 December 2011

I have moved the news from October and November 2011 to News from 2011 page in the archive. The membership form is up to date (2012) and the links have also been updated.

Christmas Do—08 December 2011

Nicky Dick is organising the traditional Christmas Do in the new year. The meal will be held on Saturday 28 January 2012. The venue will probably be the Taj Mahal on High Street, Buxton (near the Sun!). Further details to follow shortly.

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New Club Kit—08 December 2011

Angus Higgins has sent a picture of the new club kit, which now sports the name of our sponsor Sam Clark of Sett Valley Cycles in New Mills. Please follow the link to the club kit page to view the new kit.

Some Targeted Events—08 December 2011

We discussed the possibility of targeting a few events for the early season. A couple of suggestions were made. A number of the members are looking to take part in the Jodrell Bank Audax in March. Mat and Edward, Nicky and Antonia to name by a few have announced that they are going to take part in the ride.

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Brief Recap of the AGM—08 December 2011

The AGM went well with a very decent turn-out. The elected officers were: Mat Ivings (Chairman), David Davidson (Treasurer) and Stefan Ledin (Webmaster). David will soon be sending out an email regarding membership for 2012.

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November 2011

Annual General Meeting—10 November

The club will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 15 November 2011 in the Cavendish Room in Buckingham Hotel in Buxton, very near the swimming pool. The meeting will start at 8.15 pm. All members are encouraged to come along. It is an ideal opportunity for you to suggest activities/races or whatever.

Mat, our chairman, notes: "This year in particular there is plenty to discuss with the Buxton pool open again and also we have very recently been presented with an opportunity to apply for some funding from Sport England which could be up to £10,000! I would therefore really appreciate people's views on what you think the club could do with this funding. For example it could be used for funding training courses for triathlon coaches (ever fancied yourself as a tri coach?), kit (e.g. bikes for tri novices), hosting events (e.g. the Buxton Tri), running more training sessions in Buxton pool, etc., etc."

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October 2011

Website Update—14 October

I have moved the news from September 2011 to News from 2011 page in the archive

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Report from the World Championships in China—11 October

David Davidson recently competed in World Championships in China and sends the following report: "The recent World Age Group event was held last month in Beijing on the original Olympic course which I remember well from TV coverage. The setting was even more majestic than I remember with misty mountains forming a typically Chinese backdrop to the glittering and warm lake in front. The age group waves started at 6.30 which meant leaving the nearby hotel shortly after 4.0 am which was actually OK given that jet lag rendered most of the team already wide awake and not fully adjusted to the time difference. The previous day had been both cold and wet for the sprint groups whereas the standard distance races enjoyed perfect warm dry conditions making it possible to attack the demanding and surprisingly hilly cycle leg. With the water temperature nudging 25 °C the swim was deemed non-wetsuit making a pleasant change from racing in UK this summer! Huge crowds of vocal supporters from around the globe made for a very atmospheric and boisterous event and with their customary precise and regimented approach the Chinese organisers ensured an almost totally trouble free championships. Entering and re-entering the original Olympic Triathlon Stadium during the run section was quite emotional and with a finish line right in front of the main sweating block meant rapturous applause greeted every competitor. Stephen Greene proved that hard work and diligent attention to pre-race quality preparation and finished in a simply superb time of only 2.18 whilst I was to eventually arrive at my destination almost 30 minutes later. The whole trip was brilliantly memorable with great chat and international friendship at every turn and I felt very privileged to have been given this wonderful opportunity to compete at the highest level.

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Wellington-Queen of Kona Again—09 October 2011

Chrissie Wellington clinches another win at the World Championships at Kona on Hawaii. It was fairly tight in the end, with second placer Mirinda Carfrae (USA) some 2:49 back. Chrissie's splits were 1:01:03, 4:56:53 and 2:52:41 for a total time of 8:55:08. Chrissie's marathon time was bettered by Carfrae, who ran a phenomenal 2:52:09. Fantastic times by both ladies! Winner of the men's race was Craig Alexander of the USA in 8:03:56.

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September 2011

Results of Buxton Triathlon—28 September 2011

It was a damp morning and the weather man had got the forecast back to front. However, that does not stop our intrepid triathletes from competing, even though the descent into the Goyt was exciting due to the slippery conditions. Mat Ivings' purple patch continues with an excellent performance. Mat posted a time of 1:09:49 and finished 2nd in his age group and 9th overall. His bike time was third fastest on the day! Nigel Critchlow finished 29st (10th) with 1:16:08. David Risebrow was 52th with 1:20:05. Nicky Dick had a shocker of a ride (speed wobble and all)in her own words, but nevertheless finished an excellent 2nd in her age group behind Liz Batt; Nicky's time was 1:27:14. Sue Fisher finished 2nd in her age group and 132nd overall with a time of 1:33:36. The course record for the ladies was well and truly demolished by Liz Batt who lowered her own record by over 90 s. The record now stands at 1:17:15.

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GB Triathletes on Top of the World—11 September 2011

Alistair Brownlee won the final round of the ITU Triathlon World Cup in Beijing with his younger brother Jonathan finishing third. This means that Alistair takes the title ahead of Jonathan. In the ladies race Helen Jenkins finished second for the third time this year. However, the pill was definitely sweeten by the fact that she clinched the overall title in the process. An excellent display of strength by the GB triathletes.

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Website Update—11 September 2011

I have updated the training page on the website to reflect that our Wednesday sessions are on again. Tne news from August 2011 can nowbe found in the archive, on the News from 2011 page.

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Matlock Triathlon—05 September 2011

David Davidson has been very busy, as he also took part in Matlock Triathlon on Bank Holiday Monday. Over to David:

“I have kept the legs turning over the past couple of weekends and am happy to share the experience if you want to post either report on our web site. Typical August Bank holiday weather greeted the competitors for the new format Matlock tri last Monday. The fabulous new leisure centre had been open less than a week so was sparkling clean for the well managed lane swim component. It was difficult to leave the comparative warmth of poolside to brave the blustery cold conditions outside for the bike leg. For the first time in quite a while I chose to wear a short sleeved windproof gilet over tri suit for bike ride and was very grateful for it too! Usual hilly first half led to speedy downhill return to Matlock before a much more pleasant 5 K run loop around the new centre completed the run section. Once again extremely well organised and good local support makes this a popular event and one I can certainly recommend to those unfamiliar with the format or are new to tri racing. Quite a number of familiar faces made the event very sociable and with a complimentary hot drink and cake at the end some warmth to the body was finally restored.”

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Strathclyde Triathlon—05 September 2011

David Davidson has been to Scotland and sends the following report.

“I have just returned from the Strathclyde standard distance event which was doubling up as Scottish National championships and as the second European qualifier for Israel 2012. This lovely loch and extensive surrounding leisure park is situated just south of Glasgow and is the site chosen for the forthcoming Commonwealth games Triathlon. Pretty frantic start to the coolish swim (a chilly 13.5 °C) as we were funnelled from deep water start under a footbridge which restricted swim width considerably. However once clear of the bottleneck it was a pretty easy paddle to swim exit 1500 met res away. Undulating 7 lap bike course meant constant gear changing which certainly kept one focused and fully concentrated in negotiating two dead end turns each lap. The 10 K run along the loch side was bathed in warm sunshine which for September in Scotland was an added bonus ! We stayed at a local chain hotel (who's fire alarm unfortunately roused us from our slumbers in the very early hours and pitched us out into the car park collection point ) but despite this slight set back I managed to keep relatively sharp on the day picking up a small take home gift with which to fondly remember this lovely weekend north of the border.”

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August 2011

Results of Swanage Triathlon—18 August 2011

Mat's fine form continues, as he posted an excellent time at the Swanage triathlon at the weekend. Mat finished 26th overall with a time of 2:18:43. His splits were: swim-28:21, T1-1:22, bike-1:08:33, T2-0:47, run-39:45. Well done, Mat.

Fred Whitton Sportive—10 August 2011

I was sent the following report on the trials and tribulations of a Fred Whitton rider, only I cannot remember who sent it to me. The Fred Whitton is on my list of rides to do. It is quite a long report so I have used a clever trick to let you read the whole piece. Just press the more button and all text will be revealed. Pressing the less button will hide the text. The only caveat is that you must have javascript enabled in the browser. You will only see the first couple of paragraphs if javascript is disabled. The operation is not all that smooth at the moment. I am working on a solution to the not-so graceful degradation.

Niall, one of the recent ex-tri Club members organised for a group of us to attempt the Fred Whitton route. It is a race usually run in the spring but there are “dibbers” for anybody to record times at any time of year.

Clearly for those “Ironmen” (is that PC?) in the club a mere 112 miles on the bike might not represent much of a challenge. However the course is not a typical ironman course as it is a bit more hilly Fred Whitton route taking in all the major road passes in the Lakes.

For those who have done the Helvellyn tri you will know that some of the passes are very steep boasting 1:3 in places.

The Fred Whitton starts at Coniston. 12 of us stayed in a single room in the YHA in Coniston and after a varied nights sleep were all up for an approximate 7am start. Inevitably we started a bit late and within 1/2 mile had two unaccounted for.

With the first climb I had mentally prepared for being the Kirkstone the climb a couple of miles out of Coniston over to Ambleside was an unexpected bonus.

Kirkstone has not got noticeably lower and it rained very heavily so that by the time we got to Glen Ridding (Start of Helvellyn Tri) we were completely soaked. Fortunately one of the guys, Piers, had volunteered to drive and there was a van waiting and for me a very welcome change of clothes and a waterproof top. I wrang out my socks, gloves and poured out my cycling shoes. A couple of us then set off.

A plastic top really was a help and the next leg was more comfortable and the rain lessened. The next run took us up and then along the A66 to Keswick and then towards the bottom of the Honister pass. I rode by myself a lot which was a shame into the head wind but the others were not far behind at the stop. Niall had however broken a spoke and had a warped rear wheel.

We set off again and I was quickly overtaken by the climbers as we went up Honister. It is a very steep climb right from the bottom. The very steep and rough roads make the descents interesting as well. After a short ride down the other side it is up again, this time Newlands pass. Again steep at the bottom but a ride I don't mind too much as you can see where the top is from quite a long way off.

Good to get to the top but a mixed blessing when you think of it as about half way. Nice descent back towards the bottom of Winlatter. You've guessed it this is steep at the bottom as well. I had really done enough climbing by this point and was getting hot and tired. I used the excuse of taking my coat off to stop. I wish I had done it sooner—far more comfortable.

Winlatter is not recognised as a particularly difficult pass but I don't like it as you can't see how far you have to go and I found a few forgotten extra turns before the top.

Good to be down the other side as its now pretty flat for the rest of the course with a few bumps at the end, isn't it?

We stopped again I was starting to get the beginnings of cramp. Niall mixed me a bottle full of that isotonic drink to help prevent it.

We were soon off again. Needless to say I was wrong about the flat, there are still loads of hills some quite unpleasantly steep. We were immediately climbing and I was promptly dropped off the back of the front group. We had a bit of a headwind so I put on a bit of a spurt to catch them up and was alright until the next steep climb. Quite bad cramp so I stopped again to take off my coat. (I am not sure you can't draw the conclusion that that stuff gives you cramp but it certainly makes your stomach feel bad.) The good news was the sun had come out again and it was turning into a beautiful afternoon.

As long as didn't come to anything really steep my legs kept cooperating. The clear skies made the Isle of Man look really close and the perfect backdrop for Windscale and that irradiated feeling as I coasted down towards the sea.

Long coasting descents are nice but the price to pay is always at the back of ones mind. However the climb was nice and gentle and apart from struggling to find the correct road in one village it was an enjoyable evening ride. So nice in fact that I thought it seemed a shame of have come so far and to not visit Wast Water. I turned round and took that turn I had missed. A bit of a climb and the sign posts were not warning me of my imminent arrival at our last stop—Boot.

I rode through a couple of junctions and then knew I was wrong. I stopped a few cars and motor bikes who were also lost, before finally getting confirmation that I should retrace my steps and continue in my original direction. I did notice a slight improvement in my cycling for a few miles which I can only put down to anger.

I finally rolled into boot having dropped almost to the back. Poor Neil Mcadie rode in later and collapsed feeling terrible. We stayed for a few minutes before abandoning him at the side of the road and setting off. Finally the bumps at the end of the route had arrived. The 30% sign was not encouraging and I knew I had no hope of riding up with cramp. As soon as it got steep I had to walk trying to get some life back into my legs. Those of you who know Hardknott will guess I did a lot of walking.

Cramp is painful and frustrating sometimes it will lessen if you can reduce the load on your legs but then comes back as soon as the load increases. The view from the top was also frustrating straight down and then up what looked like the same again; Wrynose Pass. However another unpleasant descent and it would all be downhill back to Coniston.

Piers was at the bottom of Wrynose with the van with the news that Neil had not given up but was not far behind us.

We went on and found yet another climb which was very annoying. I managed to coax my legs to the top without stopping and then the last few km were quite a pleasant fast ride.

We arrived back around 6pm. Niall got a third puncture a few miles from home and had run out of tubes and did the last few km in the van which must have been terrible.

I would thoroughly recommend the ride. I guess it would help if you like climbing and my other bits of advice are:

What Triathletes do when not Racing—9 August 2011

David Davidson was putting in a fair few miles on the bike over the weekend and sends the following report"

"On Sunday I joined 830 other cyclists on a 100 km charity ride in aid of a Stratford upon Avon Hospice. Wonderful day out with first class organisation, well thought out route mainly on very quiet country roads passing through the Cotswolds. As expected terrain was quite hilly but as this was not a race there was time to enjoy the view! Two extremely well catered stops with tables full of wonderful cakes were provided by village action groups and with a barbecue provided at the finish made for a splendid outing and one I hope to repeat next year. Many thousands of pounds were raised on the day so it was successful in all aspects."

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Report from Sleepless in the Saddle—9 August 2011

A team consisting of Nicky Dick and Dave Risebrow took part in Sleepless in the Saddle. Nicky sends the following report:

"Dave Risebrow and I somewhat stupidly did sleepless in the saddle as a pair at the weekend. We've both done mayhem in teams and solo so thought this would be great planning, at 11pm I had lost the will to live, so had Dave and i'm so, so glad he suggested one more lap then a kip. After this lap much swearing was heard when he discovered he was too long for Kirsten's tent, Kirsten and Rhiannon being asleep in the biggest tent, and no he wasn't getting in with me. We had mad a plan before the start, i did the starting lap, then he would do one, then me 2, him 2 etc. I got monsooned on on the second of my two laps and Dave had to go out and ride porridge/walk the first of his 2. So i got up at 3.30 am and was riding at 4 am sun thinking about coming up, Dave next. We had totally binned the 2 lap plan, 1 lap gives you less than an hour to eat, drink, lube bike, wee, and rest legs, bums, thumbs. Both of us now couldn't change the front rings because our thumbs were too sore, and we were riding only on the bottom ring. I couldn't carry on with 2 1/2 hours to go so Dave did one lap at normal speed then a real tootle with a beer stop to come over the line at 2 pm finish time. I watched him over and was really happy for him. The kids were amazing and we couldn't have done it without them, charging lights, cleaning bikes (er waking Dave when he wasn't at the change over!). Nick Doran was in a 4-man team and riding far too fast. I did 9 laps and Dave did 10, of an 8 mile course. That effort put us 6th in mixed pairs, yahoo!

Well done to Nicky and Dave and to Nick!

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Website Update—6 August 2011

I have moved the news articles from July 2011 to the News from 2011 page.

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Request for Helpers at Buxton Triathlon—6 August 2011

We have been asked by the organisers of the Buxton Triathlon on Sunday 25 September if we can find some club members, who are willing to help out at the race. Mat has sent out an email query to all club members so this is just a gentle reminder to those who might be interested in marshaling.

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Swim Sessions Restart—6 August 2011

I am pleased to report that the swimming bath is definitely open for business again. It is with even greater pleasure to report that the club swim sessions will start again on Wednesday 7 September and that we will have the benefit from Gary and Diane's coaching. The session will run between 9-10 pm. The cost per session is £ 5. We look forward to seeing you back in the pool before long.

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Swim Sessions to Resume—1 August 2011

I have it on good authority, from Mat no less, that the club swim sessions will resume on Wednesday 7 September 2011. The session will run for an hour starting at 21:00, that is to say on the same day and at the same time as before the shutdown. Mat will send a confirmatory email in the near future.

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Report from Blithfield Triathlon—1 August 2011

David Davidson competed in the Blithfield Triathlon at the weekend and sends the following report:

"The Blithfield Triathlon is held in a Great location just outside Abbotts Bromley so not too far away for an early morning drive down deserted roads. Weather was perfect being slightly overcast but warm with minimal breeze so could not have been better on the day. With only the one large wave to accommodate all Olympic distance competitors it resulted in a fair bit of barging in the water which rather surprisingly seemed to prevail for most of the reservoir swim. Undulating bike course was fast and furious as by this time the separate National Police Championship wave was among us and they were taking no prisoners! A pleasant two lap run along the reservoir completed the day which was by then bathed in glorious sunshine. It was my first visit to Blithfield, but on yesterday's evidence I will revisit next year for sure as location and organisation both were top rate. A shorter sprint option was also on offer and given the relatively close proximity to High Peak Tri perhaps we could encourage a few more of our members to attend next year?"

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July 2011

Report from the Outlaw Triathlon - 28 July 2011

Nicky Dick, one third of the Peak Plonkers team, sends the following report from the race.

Krissie Ivings, the Club's latest conquerer of the Ironman distance has posted a report on I will not steal her thunder, but just provide a link to her blog: Krissie's report. Again excellent performances by Krissie, Fiona, Jayne and Nicky!

Nicky writes: "This is my take on a bonkers weekend for the Peak Plonkers and others. On Saturday at Holmepierre Point, we took part in the Speedo swims. Fiona and I swam the 1500 in an okay tempo, vaguely weedy, but not too bad. At this point, the end of the lake looks a VERY, VERY long way away. Kirsten had turned 11 a couple of weeks ago and was allowed to swim the 500m, a good friend of mine, who had earlier swam the 3k swam, with her. She took a while to get her head in and was then off, MASSIVE grin and is now one of the 4 speedo swim official pictures going under the finish gantry. SUNDAY 4.30am: beautiful day, no wind, with a stunning sunrise start for Fiona, swimming with hundreds of others at the start of the Outlaw Ironman. It is really is a long way to the end of the lake! Fiona was out of the water in 1hr 20 to hand to Jayne. It's only 7.30 but warm already. 7 hrs and 1 min later, Jayne is back. Her husband, Ian, son David and Kirsten had gone out by car to shout and let me know where she was. So I only had to run a marathon, what? I ran a half marathon in March and have done some 9/10-milers. The running route consisted of loops and laps which made it good mentally for me and lots of times to see everybody. HOT by now! At 13.5 miles I thought, oh hell I've never run this far yet and still have another 13 miles to go, but was still on for 4hrs when, at 22 miles, I suffered from appalling cramp and had to walk three times to get rid of it. I had always thought cramp was a bit of a pathetic excuse, not so much now. I eventually got rid of it with a mile to go to finish in 4:18. Kirsten and Michaela ran the chute with me, I was looking for the Peak Plonkers to run it with me, but there was a sea of faces and I couldn't see them. What an amazing, amazing day. There will be pictures and words from the other plonkers too. Krissie as you know ironmaned herself and we watched her finishing later, all very emotional, and I will say no more, but, no, no, no, not ever!"

Update Results of the Outlaw Triathlon - 24 July 2011

Krissie Ivings' time was 15:36:13. The splits for Krissie were 1:20:54, 10:03, 8:02:48, 6:01, 5:55:29. The numbers don't quite add up. The splits for the HPTC team were: 1:20:30 (Fiona), 1:10, 7:01:05 (Jayne), 0:21, 4:24:35 (Nicky). Once again, excellent performances by everyone.

Brief Results of the Outlaw Triathlon - 24 July 2011

A High Peak Tri Club team called Peak Plonkers, made up of Fiona, Jayne and Nicky, finished in a fine 12:47:57. Krissie Ivings was going for the full monty. The time has not been put on the website but Krissie's time will probably be around 15:30-ish. I will post an accurate account of splits and times tomorrow. Well done, ladies! A special well done to Krissie.

Visit to the Swimming Pool - 24 July 2011

I visited the pool today and it looks very good. The layout of the reception is much improved. The pool will be running a school holiday timetable. The regular swim session timetable will come into effect in September.

Resumption of Swim Sessions - 17 July 2011

We are all hoping that the swimming pool really will open on Monday 1st August 2011. We hope to resume the swimming sessions shortly thereafter. We will post an update on the website and notify you of the first session via email too. All good things come to those wait (even if they have to wait a very, very long time)!

High Peak Triathletes in Action - 17 July 2011

Three club members were competing yesterday. Nicky Dick and Chris Mellor took part in Buxton Carnival 5-mile road race. Nicky finished fourth lady and won her age group with ease; Nicky's time was around 37:15-ish. Chris recorded a time of around 32:00-32:30, I think. Chris finished around 40th or so. Meanwhile, Mat Ivings was racing down and up the A1 in a 25-mile time trial. The weather (the rain) held up for the duration of the TT, but it was very windy. Mat's time was a speedy 57:46. The Hathersage Hilly Triathlon was held today, but I do not know if any club members were competing.

Chrissie Wellington Sets a New World Best - 11 July 2011

Chrissie Wellington set a new World Best for the Ironman distance when she recorded a time of 8:18:13 at Roth in Germany, thus taking a minute off her previous record. She finished first woman, fifth overall and her marathon time of 2:44:35 was second only to the overall winner's time. Mighty impressive, and Chrissie remains undefeated over the distance.

Buxton Swimming Pool opens on 1st August 2011 - 11 July 2011

I have just had an email from David Davidson saying that the pool is scheduled to reopen on Monday 1st August 2011. There had been some rumours about further delays, but David got his information from a reliable source, High Peak Borough Council, so we are assuming and hoping that it will come to pass. 'Tis been a very long wait!

Website Update - 06 July 2011

I have moved the news items from June 2011 to the News from 2011.

Report from the European Championships in Pontevedra 2 - 06 July 2011

David Davidson also competed at the European age group championships. David has sent me/us a report. David writes: "I have returned with a good sun tan and deep admiration for the pace at which the elite athletes both male and female are able to compete. Running 10K at about 30 minute pace in hot conditions on a lumpy run course was fantastic to behold and after very swift bike and swim legs these guys are truly incredible! As regards my own efforts fortunately I was not required to perform an international tooth extraction armed as I was with only tyre levers to hand as Nicky's wisdom tooth settled down in time for her race! Well done indeed as she capped great swim and bike legs with her now traditional blistering run finish putting her high up in the age group. Thankfully my bike eventually caught up with me shortly before I was due to rack having been on an unexpected European trip! As for the race itself despite my best efforts the river swim seemed sluggish as we contested a hidden current although the subsequent bike leg was fast and furious once we had ascended the initial 10% hill. The ancient town of Pontevedra, visited over the centuries by Portuguese pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela, was a fitting location for the run. Narrow streets thronged with supporters gave the experience a truly inspirational and international feel. Wonderful hospitality, great friendship and enduring memories remain from this fabulous event. Taking a week or two away from racing now so that the batteries can be recharged in time for China in early September but hope to report on a couple of events programmed for August."

Report from European Championships in Pontevedra - 03 July 2011

Nicky and Kirsten Dick and, separately, David Davidson travelled to Pontevedra in Spain to compete at the European Triathlon Championships. Nicky had an absolute stormer!!! Well done, Nicky. Nicky has sent a report, which reads:

"The day Kirsten and I went to the Europeans in Spain, the dentist said oh you have an abcess under the wisdom tooth, great. Armed with penicillin which i'd never had before and pain killers suitable for an elephant, I formed plan b. It involved the bike mechanics toolbox, the medics local anaesthetics and David Davidson - he had better turn up. However all went okay, and we had a brilliant few days. The town is well away from the tourist routes, barely anyone spoke English, the hours between 12 and 4 were silent, and it was a beautiful old city. The bars and cafes started serving from about 8pm, I drew the line at deep fried pigs ears. The racing then. I raced on Saturday morning, river swim, wetsuit optional, though most wore one. It was a briny water one-lap swim, then up steps to T1. I had a great, great swim and T1. The bike was over an up and back down a hill out of town, with concrete surface to start with on way out of town, then over some roundabouts and along the river, then lovely smooth tarmac road on the hills. I don't wear glasses to race and my eyes were certainly streaming at 40 mph coming back downhill. I had a good T2 and onto a 2-lap run round the town, with everybody shouting, twice up the ramps through the stadium and a finish in the stadium. I ran for dear life, and spent a good few minutes flat out on the floor with the medics standing over me at the end. I finished in 8th place which I was delighted with. David competed the next day, am waiting his words but can't imagine how he dug deep for his run. The elites raced later in the day, at 7pm. It was 39.7 degrees and they ran a 30min 10k, ridiculous. Now I'm going to the dentist."

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June 2011

Report from Dam Buster British Championships - 20 June 2011

David Davidson competed with great success at the British Championships at the Dam Buster event at the weekend.

David has sent the following report: "I have been active again over the weekend this time at the Dam Buster held at the very scenic Rutland Water. The event was a combined world and European qualifier as well as the location of this years British Championships and as such was likely to attract a pretty competitive entry. The RAF were also using this meeting for their annual championships so available places went quickly so I was pleased to have sent in an early application such was the popularity of the event. Registration on the Friday night was disappointingly cold and wet with the many campers and caravaners bravely setting up in difficult conditions. Fortunately for the race itself despite ominous clouds it stayed mainly dry if somewhat blustery. With white wind blown water streaks on the water surface promising a lumpy swim I was quite relieved to be exiting the lake in a tidy time. Bike leg for those who are familiar with the course is quite hilly in places but a fair test. Despite blustery conditions and fairly heavy public traffic on the main road the ride was completed safely although I had the misfortune to spill and loose the contents of my nutritional drink on a vicious speed bump on exiting T1 so was glad the sun did not shine! The scenery for the run along the dam was spectacular but with a keen rival on my shoulder I had little time to admire it before lunging over finish line to grab second in age group. Highly efficient organisation gave the event the appropriate kudos and a very fitting location for the annual championships. Picture attached of the very scenic location. Off to Spain later this week so will no doubt meet with Nicky et al. and hope to report from a sunny race upon return."

(There are a few photographs to go on the website, probably within next couple of days. Webbie)

Website Update - 16 June 2011

I have moved the news items from May 2011 to the News from 2011.

Report from Rother Valley Festival - 16 June 2011

Nicky and Kirsten Dick took part in the Rother Valley Festival and Nicky had a better time of it than in the Beaver Triathlon.

Nicky writes: "This was Kirsten's intro to an open water tri, and she was really really nervous. She is 10 and was in the girls under 12 race, in a shortie (much easier to get off) with my race shoes (same size 3 feet) and her chunky mtb to ride. Standing start in waist deep water for 150m round the buoy swim, 3min 30 (divvy that up to a 400m, not bad), overtaking many athletes because she started too far back. Kirsten was the Queen of transitions, slogged round the bike course, hard going on her bike, again lightening transition to a 1200m run in 6 mins (speedy hey). She didn't wipe the grin off her face all day, coming 5th. Dave Risebrow and I raced the next day in the sprints. Dave had a good swim, worked the bike really hard, his chain came off too, and ran hard finish 14th out of 42 in his age and really pleased with his days work. I was pleased with my swim, 120 athletes per wave and on the front of the pack meant it was a tough fight all the way. My wetsuit was half unzipped at the last turn, accidentally(?), started filling with water but made it to the bank. There was the inevitable battle round the hilly bumpy bike, lots of good racing up and down the hills, then a fast run to give me a place as second qualifier for Israel next year."

Report from Windsor Triathlon - 16 June 2011

David Davidson competed well in Windsor Triathlon and sends a report: "just back from a rather chilly wet Windsor event which is normally celebrated under cloudless sunny skies. Really superb venue with great opportunity for supporters to get close to the action and see some of the emerging young talent in UK racing in the elite groups which is all very exciting. Met pre race with Mat Iving in T1 where his focus was firmly fixed on a leaky tube valve, unfortunately not the only problem I understand that he was to face during the race. For my part I was luckily trouble free although cold fingers at end of bike leg made helmet removal tricky. Finished with another rather sluggish run but rather surprisingly squeezed into third in age group so pleased we had stayed to support the prize giving in the pouring rain ! Due to unexpected heavy demand post race our accommodation had run out of hot water so I had to remain damp and no doubt a tad sweaty for rest of the day which was the only negative aspect of what was yet again a great day out."

Results of Windsor Triathlon - 12 June 2011

The ever-popular Windsor Triathlon was held today. The preliminary results for our athletes are as follows: Mat Ivings - 2:38:53, David Davidson - 2:43:07 (3rd in his age group), and Kristina Ivings - 3:14:42. There may have been other club members competing, but these were the ones I could spot. I hope we will have a couple of race reports in the next day or so. Oh, and remember, you read it here first (maybe).

The splits for our athletes: Mat - 26:50, 2:25, 1:24:27, 5:01, 40:10; David - 29:20, 1:58, 1:16:46, 1:48, 53:15, Kristina - 32:55, 3:21, 1:31:10, 2:42, 1:04:34. Mat's bike split and T2 time suggest that he must have suffered a fall or a serious mechanical failure.

Excellent Time Trial Performance by Mat Ivings - 6 June 2011

Regular readers of this page will be well aware of the sort of form Chairman Mat is in at the moment. Mat recorded a long 58 on a notoriously slow course (J2/9 to be exact) on the Cheshire Plains on Saturday. A splendid time on a windy and cool afternoon. Well done, Mat. Good Luck to all those who are competing at Windsor or anywhere else at the coming weekend.

Two Race Reports from David Davidson - 6 June 2011

David Davidson has been racing over the last couple of weeks and sends this report: "I can submit the following for consideration. Due to tight scheduling this years three Olympic distance 2011 world qualifying races have been compressed into a narrow four week period. With additional races already entered at Windsor, the programme of five significant races on consecutive weekends. Just hope the ageing body will respond to this unaccustomed challenge! Steve Green and I met beneath the Dartford flyover the unlikely and never to be repeated scene of last weekends first world qualifier. The organisation, publicity, location and facilities left much to be desired and with a 90 minute delay before racing commenced it was understandable that any enthusiasm for the event thereafter rapidly evaporated. Launching into the swim amidst highly territorial swans made for an interesting start and ensured a pretty speedy departure from the lakeside! The 7 unmarshalled laps along nearby dual carriageway was uninspiring and the run set around the adjacent industrial site was equally unattractive. No wonder Steve suffered a few tummy complaints during the race and which ultimately hampered his final placing. Neither of us was particularly pleased with the outcome although I did manage to clinch third in age group but as there were only a handful in my category this was not difficult to achieve. Certainly makes me realise how good the other well established venues I have experienced are run.

The second report comes from yesterdays event at Ellesmere the home of the Shropshire Olympic distance tri event and the second of the world qualifiers. Again Steve Green and I met together this time with our dearly beloved's in tow. Unfortunately the weather was indifferent so family fun somewhat restricted but an altogether more appealing venue. Extremely well organised, well-marshalled and with a post race tea complete with huge chunks of homemade cakes was a real treat for all. Well done indeed to Shropshire Council and their local community efforts to stage a great event. I enjoyed a good swim in the lovely clean watered Mere, an undulating bike course that was sufficiently testing and a hilly run to finish. Managed almost exactly same time as last year but on this occasion was just squeezed into second place in age group by an old rival- think the legs gave up too soon ! Have attached a picture just before devouring some (but NOT all the plateful) well earned post race refreshment. Roll on next weekend when I hope to meet with Mat, Krissie et al. at Windsor." Well done David and Steve and thank you for the reports.

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May 2011

Three Reports from the Belvoir Triathlon Weekend - 30 May 2011

Three intrepid High Peak Triathletes braved the elements, challenged their bodies and minds and cursed the fickleness of cars. Hence, I am pleased to be able to bring not one, not two, but three race reports! Very well done to Mat and Kristina and commiseration to Nicky.

First out, Mat sends the following report: "I did the Olympic (Little) Beaver. Was hoping for better weather than last year after last years wash out. It was very windy but we didn't see any rain until in the car on the way home. With the Speedy beaver being the qualifier and national champs, the little beaver had a smaller and lower quality field. Still good for over 200 starters though. Swim was the usual brown murkiness but it seemed to go okay. Then a long uphill 400m run to T1 which really got the blood flowing before jumping onto the bike. The bike was rather exciting including 40 mph descents with strong crosswind. Deep carbon rims on the front were not a great idea! I had a great ride though posting the third fastest split. I had a good run too making up just one place (having also lost one in T2) and finished 7th overall. Looking forward to Windsor now, a week on Sunday."

Kristina's report: "This race was all about the Outlaw. It was a) a S-B-R training session, b) test of race pace/nutrition, c) experience... and d) (hopefully) a confidence boost. It sort of achieved a-c. Not so sure about d.....

Training: Well, given that 2 days on I still feel like I've been hit by a bus, I guess it was good training! And also a sign that I am not yet where I need to be which is good to know. Part of me is very surprised at how wrecked I feel, especially as I took it very, very easy. But another part of me is saying it's a HALF IRONMAN!!! Of course it's hard. I think there is a danger that in focusing on longer and longer events that you can lose sight of the fact that shorter-but-still-very-long races are tiring, and are a huge achievement in their own right. It's been 10 years since I did a triathlon and I've only ever done one half before, so finishing is something I should be proud of. Though it's hard to let go of the 'but I'm doing an ironman - this should have felt easier' - mind set.

Race Pace & Nutrition: Did the swim in 40 mins. Bang on im pace so that was good. Felt fine apart from being swum over by a fast pack of men from the wave behind just as I reached the buoy. Swallowed a few slugs of lake water & silt, got tangled up in the buoy ropes and nearly drowned but hey it's all part of the fun, right! The bike was WINDY. Very windy. It'll be a long day on the Outlaw route if the wind is anything like that. My pace was slow. The race confirmed what I already knew - I am weak (literally) on the bike. My endurance is okay. I could have pootled along out there all day long. Which is handy as come July that's exactly what I WILL be doing! - but I can't lift the pace, and I can't power through wind. 3.25 which is pretty poor for a very short bike. Also discovered that training with nutrition you plan to use on race day runs the risk of putting you off that source of nutrition before the race... Much like when I ate a pizza when I had morning sickness. Took 4 years to face another pizza! Or the time I had pistachios on a boat and then got sea sick in about 1988. Still not overly fond of them now. My stomach appears to have a very long memory! So when I forced a powerbar down towards the end of my Outlaw recce I was basically ruling out powerbars as a source of nourishment forevermore. I took one on the bike thinking it would be okay. But it was totally unappealing. Stomach just said 'that stuff again., Nope!'. Oh dear. I think I'll go back to Snickers! GI issues continued on the run where the following conversation took place a number of times between different body parts.

Stomach: "oi, I'm not very comfortable, I need a bit more space"
Gut: "No problem, I'll get things moving for you, here we go"
Sphincter: "What in the name of ar$e are you doing, not here man!"
Gut: "too late, motions are in motion"

(Ahem) Now were were we... Oh yes on the run, doing a Paula Radcliffe. Or rather valiantly refusing to do a Paula Radcliffe.... Which reminds me: This is so not a glamorous sport, no matter how stylish Sky Draper look on the cover of 220. Firstly everyone emerged from the lake covered in brown gunge. Then on the run, the amount of grunting, honking, hawking, snorting, wheezing, dribbling, retching that was going on... And not just by me either! Honestly, it was quite enough to out me off my stride (shuffle). However I digress: Anyway, pace was a shade over 11 min miles and GI issues aside, felt okay. Total(including a very leisurely 20 minutes or so in transition) was 6:45, placing me - oh about last as usual. Not quite last, but there or thereabouts. But that's okay. This did mean I had the unfortunate experience of approaching the finish chute to loud applause and cheering, only for everyone to fall into awkward silence as I trudged past it out onto another lap...

Confidence: Well it was too hard for comfort in terms of the Outlaw. The thought of going twice as far is daunting to say the least. But - in the words of Keane - 'Nobody said this was easy'. (Let's ignore his next line... 'But did it have to be so hard'...)"

Last, but not least, Nicky recounts her trial and tribulations: "Here's my report then, this was the national champs a qualifier for Israel next year which I'd like to go to. Beijing this year, havn't won the lottery yet. Kirsten and I camped overnight in a great setting below the castle. The swim was chilly and very, very fighty, but went well, then wetsuit off all the way to run up hill to T1. Good T1, onto windy bike, some drafting on my tail, given that i'm a rubbish biker that surprised me. T2 - cold hands, took 10 yards from my rack point to get helmet off, left it there. Brill run. Peeved to be down in 11th as the bike leg had been too slow, but had not been passed by some on the bike who usually do, and had caught others earlier than normally do. Top end of field was super fast. Looked like I'd made Israel because I jump and age group next year - I was 49 on Saturday (Happy Birthday, if rather late from Webmaster). BOL#@*KS. Disqualified for abandoning equipment. Then the coolant pipe on the back of the car broke on the way home and Kirsten and I had a boring wait for the RAC. Cycled to the pub with the kids. Was the pic before or after DQ??

Belvoir Triathlon Weekend - 25 May 2011

This weekend sees the Belvoir Triathlon events. Chairman Mat is doing the olympic distance event, while Kristina is taking on the half-ironman distance. Good luck and have fun to all those who are competing over the weekend.

Website Update - 25 May 2011

I have moved the news and views from March and April 2011 to the News and Views - 2011.

Report from Speedo Nottingham Open Water Triathlon - 16 May 2011

Nicky Dick and David Davidson took part in the Speedo Nottingham Open Water Triathlon last weekend. I can now bring you two reports. Well done to Nicky and David. I sincerely hope that the summer will arrive soon.

David sends the following report: "Glorious warm summery weather did not welcome us at the Holme Pierrepont rowing centre near Nottingham this weekend. Instead cool blustery conditions prevailed even making crowd support an ordeal. Males were simply separated into two waves resulting in a large group of over 140 contesting the over 40 age group. Plenty of froth in the water with physical contact much in evidence made the swim challenging, bike leg flat but with pretty windy conditions a low bike profile required. The run was equally fresh but getting aero whilst running not so easy to attain for those 6 ft tall. Again well organized and with good support from a wide area of participants should prove a useful early season opportunity for all levels of triathlon ability. The Rowing centre is well positioned with excellent facilities for both parking and camping, the race is all within the centre grounds and is therefore traffic free which under normal climatic conditions should prove popular for a family day out. Well done to Nicki Dick who almost made it a goggle free swim but still managed to finish in a very creditable 3rd place to keep High Peak Tri Club on the winners board."

Nicky Dick sends the following report: "The first open water race, cold, er yes. The ladies were split over 40 and under 40. In my race, I was third out the water, third overall, and second runner. This was miles faster than I have raced it before. It was a very, very windy bike leg. The bike splits are not on the website yet. Got some speedo goodies. Oh, Gary that included a kick board so you may chuckle, voucher and glassware. dead chuffed!"

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April 2011

Amazing Performance by Mat in Ashbourne Duathlon - 09 April 2011

Mat has definitely bounced back from his serious illness in the winter. Mat took part in the punishing Ashbourne Duathlon event this morning. The race involved a 12 km run, a 40 km bike ride and concluded with a 4 km run. Mat finished an excellent 14th with a time of 2:22:45. Mat's bike split was 1:11:29, 7th fastest. Well done, Mat!

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March 2011

Coach Gary McCaffery's New Website - 24 March 2011

Our coach Gary McCaffery has revamped his website. Please visit Gary's website to find out more about the services that he and Diane provides: Gary and Diane's Website.

Further Delays to the Opening of Buxton Swimming Pool - 24 March 2011

It brings me great sorrow to report to you that the long-awaited reopening of Buxton swimming pool has been further delayed. It now appears the pool will not open until July 2011(?). That's just about 20 months after it closed.

Website Update - 24 March 2011

I have moved the news from February 2011 to the News from 2011 page.

Annual Subscription is now Due - 01 March 2011

The annual subscription of £ 20 is now due. Please send a cheque for the correct amount to Angus Higgins. Angus has also requested that everyone fills in the contact details sheet, even if you are renewing you subscription.

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February 2011

Website Update - 08 February 2011

I have moved the news from January 2011 to the News from 2011 page.

Report from Challenge Wananka - 08 February 2011

David Davidson has provided me with three tales from his travels in New Zealand. David writes: "Having already marshalled at this iconic event last year I felt inspired to enter the half iron man distance which is held over the same beautifully scenic course. Swim is in Lake Wananka, a glacial lake of vivid blue colour and which certainly required a wet suit as temperatures are chilly. On the day the notoriously strong northwesterly winds made the swim choppy and the subsequent challenging bike leg quite punishing although fortunately it stayed relatively cool at 25 °C! Plenty of on-course fluids, nutrition and vocal support during the hilly lakeside run ensured maximum encouragement and I managed to complete this tough event in a shade over 6 hours. It was interesting to hear at the hugely popular post race party that many of the elite performers rated Wananka 2011 tougher than Noosa 'terrible out there - just' and 'would have been happy to be hit by a car to be put out of the misery' were some of the comments as wind conditions reduced speeds to under 20 kph on some sections. I was very impressed by the huge local community support where the whole town was directly involved in the week long build up to race proper with novice races, children's competitions and a series of sprint and super sprint, individual and team events to encourage whole family participation. In conclusion I would love to return for another crack at this race as the friendship and hospitality here in New Zealand is second to none. I have attached a picture which gives a flavour of the fabulous local scenery."

There is a brief write up of the Challenge Wananka race in the latest issue of 220 magazine (Ed's comment).

Report from Waitangi Day Duathlon - 08 February 2011

Here in NZ Waitangi Day celebrates the signing of the treaty in 1842 between the indigenous Maori tribes and the British who were to colonise the islands. Over the intervening years much effort has been made to redress the ensuing disadvantages to the indigenous population following the apparent "Colonial theft". There is an annual holiday on February 6th to mark the day and I entered a local duathlon to mark the occasion. Cyclone Yasi by this stage had crossed over the Tasman sea from OZ and we experienced pretty powerful winds but fortunately not of hurricane proportions. At the 9.0 am start the temperature nudged 32 °C so it was going to be hot, hot, hot! The prospect of gallons of ice cool post race drinks and a local vineyard al fresco lunch spurred me to a rapid finish although lagging well behind one of the team NZ Tri hopefuls. A great morning out and with the temptation of a lazy afternoon on the beach my activity for the day would be complete.

Report from Wellington Harbour Swim - 08 February 2011

A series of Ocean swims takes place around north and south islands here in New Zealand during the summer months. They are all about 3.0 km long and are hugely popular with both wet suit of non wet suit options. I usually wear a shortie wet suit as water temperatures can be a tad fresh and with the likelihood of uncomfortable jelly fish as swimming companions some protection is a blessing. The swim at Wellington is usually held last weekend of January and attracts several international swimmers and Olympic hopefuls so is very competitive attracting plenty of media coverage. Weather was breezy but warm and with a receding tide the outward leg was quick ... the return leg however, after rounding the half way lighthouse marker was more testing but still managed a finish in just under 50 minutes. Again the hospitality and friendship was key note to the day and fun and enjoyment the principal attractions.

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January 2011

Buxton Swimming Pool Update - 27 January 2011

There was a meeting of councillor and representatives of the borough this week to discuss the on-going saga of the swimming pool. The latest news is that the pool will reopen in towards the end of April 2011. That would mean that the refurbishment is over a year late. Anyway, be that as it may, let us hope they can meet the new target date.

Website Update - 16 January 2011

I have moved all the news items from 2010 into the News from 2010 page.

Tri Club Christmas Do [21 January 2011] - 16 January 2011

The annual Christmas due is traditionally held in the new year, and this year is no exception. The club is decamping to the Taj Mahal, on Buxton High Street for the do on Friday 21 January 2011. Please let Mat know if you would like to come along. The idea is to meet in the Sun, which is just 10 m walk from the restaurant. Beers from 19:30 and the meal at 20:30.

Annual Subscription is now Due - 16 January 2011

The annual subscription of £ 20 is now due. Please send a cheque for the correct amount to Angus Higgins. Angus has also requested that everyone fills in the contact details sheet, even if you are renewing you subscription.

David Flies the Club Flag in New Zealand - 16 January 2011

David Davidson is on his annual trip to New Zealand and has submitted the following report: "Good news 'down under' on competitive front. Raced yesterday at Wanaka in south New Zealand. Both full and half Ironman on offer. Course was pretty testing as were conditions as no doubt 220 magazine will report. I will send a proper report to Stefan once I get chance. Upshot of my effort was to be the happy winner in half distance in age group ( finished in a time just over 6 hours but feeling good at finish line)and have attached picture with my trophy as proof! Life in the old dog yet!"

I should say so! Well done, David. We look forward to a full length report.

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